Stop it, mom.

Maggie’s school is on a poetry binge at the moment, and I have made an effort to be a responsible parent. And tonight, at bedtime, I asked Maggie if I should grab a book of poetry, and read her poems at bedtime.


Maggie has a poetry book. A few, actually. But the one I grabbed was Shel Silverstein’s Everything On It.

I hadn’t thought.

I forgot.

The first poem is titled ‘Years From Now’, and I couldn’t read. I had something in my eye. You understand.



Although I cannot see your face
As you flip these poems awhile
Somewhere from some far-off place
I hear you laughing — and I smile.

Stop it, mom. I miss you.

Pokemon GO – all hype?

So last week, all I’m reading is ‘Pokemon THIS’ and ‘Pokemon THAT’. Apparently all anybody is doing, morning, noon, night, is wander the streets like an overactive hobo, collecting Pokemon.

Pokemon is truth.
Truth is Pokemon.

And then comes Sunday.

I go for a run. In the centre of London, up and down lovely riverside pathways full of other runner and walkers, for over eight miles.

I saw two people looking at their phones, who might have been hunting Pokemon. TWO PEOPLE, people.

They might have just been looking at maps.


None of you are really playing.

(There was also a Pokemon hunter hunting during the March Against Racism later that day. But he was eight, so is forgiven.)


Lost and found

I swear to you, this is not a fitness blog …. but let’s talk about running.


One of the troubles with training for a marathon is that you have to run over twenty six miles. A corresponding problem with ME running a marathon, is that the most I’ve ever run is thirteen miles.

In 2009.

Typically, I run about five of them these days, so I’ve been working on running longer distances.

Today was 10 miles.

I had a plan — run to Richmond Park, and back home. Maybe run around the park a little if I was at less than five miles.

Didn’t work.

The route I know to get to the park is along major roads. Like most people with lungs, I dislike running alongside large amounts of traffic, so got smart — I followed the signs for cyclists. Then I got clever, and took my own turns down routes that looked nicer.

Soon, I was exploring the pedestrian footpaths and parks of Barnes and Richmond. And horribly lost.

Thankfully, we live in a world of Google maps, in which we can only temporarily misplace ourselves. I made it to the park (8 miles!) and back again. My legs hurt.

And I’ve learned to plan my route.

The Charity Bit

(I’m running in support of Shelter – please support my fundraising.)

The Picture Bit

And, because every post deserves a picture, here’s somebody running on Halloween last year: