The morning coffee, chemistry, and pumpkin heads.

We here at the morning coffee have a new favourite chemical.

(photo of Carlos Estrada of Santa Rosa, California. Taken by Kent Porter.)

Police in Boulder, Colorado decided that participation in a traditional naked-pumpkin-run would result in being arrested as a sex offender this year, apparently despite everybody else in Boulder (including the mayor and city council) disagreeing with them.

Workpoop is a new calculator which will tell you how much you are paid for your bowel movements. Is there no question the Internet cannot answer?

I think there’s a name for this

I believe they call it “biting off more than you can chew.”
My planned “to do” list for this evening is as follows:

Write a blog article.
Write a second blog article.
Write a third blog article.
Finish editing photos from the birthday bowlioke bonanza.
Sort through photos from Karen’s 10k race last Sunday.
Take another self portrait, regarding the state of the tache.
Eat dinner.
Sit on the sofa, staring at the screen like a zombie, while sipping scotch.
Go to sleep before ten.

Given the state of my brain at present, I am going to stick with the last two. And, apparently, the first one.

The morning coffee wishes the Internet a happy birthday

The Internet turns forty today — or arguably will on October 29th. We are still waiting to see the actual birth certificate.

In any case, Happy Birthday Internet! We celebrate with one of our favourite Disney superheroes!


I dislike words like “race” and “ethnicity”. They represent social constructions used to discriminate, implying biological differences which are either not present or insignificant. Another study continues to prove this same thing.

Tucows makes their contribution towards Canadian copyright. It seems better thought out than the contributions of most “experts” and stakeholders.

Fancy Runners

I find myself still working through photos taken at the London Marathon. In the meantime, I continue to take more on a regular basis that I intend to get around to putting up both here and on Flickr.

This week the Big Bad Photoblog is dedicating itself to those men and women who ran the London Marathon in costume. I am completely amazed by people such as Jari Hemmila (pictured above, in yellow) who can wear such get-ups and still run a marathon in under three hours.

The best photos I have of these costumed athletes will be here this week!