9 of 365

I’m sure the Germans must have a word for this — when you’re less than two weeks into a 365 day photo project, have no idea what to do, and so just put a pig on top of a hedgehog.

Anyways. That’s today.

8 of 365

None of us can be perfect. I, for example, spent time arguing with somebody who was wrong on the internet. We can all be weak.

Anyways. Day 8. An angry old bear on Twitter.

7 of 365

Today it is Maggie’s nanny’s birthday – happy birthday Karo!

And even though Karo’s not here, we have spent the entire day having a birthday party for her, arranged by Maggie. There have been (imaginary) cakes and cookies, and (not imaginary) games like musical statues, musical chairs, and one about a hedgehog and a blanket that I still don’t entirely understand.

There were disco lights.

So today’s 365 photo is one of dolls having a party. There’s a disco light off to the side (currently green) and a table full of ice cream cones (made of Play Doh). And yes, one of them is naked. It was quite a party.

The State of the Marathon Address

Welcome to the it-ought-to-be-regular-but-really-it-isn’t marathon training/fundraising update for January.


On the fundraising front, the amount to beat is still £50 from my dad. A reminder that the person who has donated the most by 23 March will get to choose what I’m wearing during the run (details here), so donate today.

A New Scheme

Additionally, you can now donate and get a photo session.

Anybody who donates over £50 will get a 30-60 minute session, and will get two (2) full resolution images and a license to use them as you wish.
Anybody who donates over £100 will get a 60-120 minute session, and will get six (6) fully resolution images + license.

So if you need a headshot, a profile picture, or a gift for your grandmother, why not donate and support Shelter while doing so?

If you want to see what my pictures look like, you can find some on 500px, and some more on Instagram.


Christmas is over, people. And on the 28th of December, I started training for real.

These legs? They hurt.

And what’s worse is that I have started feeding myself responsibly, too. There is a never ending hunger.

But a week and a half in, I’m going strong. Less than four months until the race!