The morning coffee has crashed

An early meeting scheduled this morning, combined with my computer giving up when asked to perform a complex set of tasks (browsing the internet, copying URLs to a text window, all while playing music on iTunes) leaves a rushed and imperfect coffee for you. My apologies.

The leading news everywhere today involves a plane crashing in Buffalo — clearly I should not read about plane crashes before I go to sleep in the evening. However, I try to find news stories that are not the lead story. So instead I give you a little bit of sanity from the U.S. courts: Scientific evidence is more important than speculative claims, hence you should not blame vaccines for autism. Also, Muzak is dead.

In blogs: Amish Hackers takes a look at the relationship between the Amish and technology. Quite an interesting read.

Today’s blews tells us that GPS transmitters are getting very small. As the article says “you can kiss your location anonymity goodbye”, but as I seem to enjoy geo-tagging photos and Twitterings, I find the prospect a little bit exciting.

An image for the ladies, who may be looking for something to wear for their car-loving mate tomorrow. Or for the car-loving men who like to wear ladies shoes:
(from here)

In closing, I give to you some Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

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