The weekend round-up

robot_oldblue_tnWherein I try (again) to share all the things that caught my attention during the week. Images are links too, you know!

The music industry likes to make threats to get homemade videos on YouTube that include the music they “own” taken down — in truth these have the power to help the musician’s career. A related blog explores the problems with the music industry.

Goats get arrested for car theft. I mean … car theft? How would the goat drive?

shark_infuser2Apple claims that jailbreaking iPhones is illegal. The term is ‘jailbreaking’ because it allows the user to use software that is not directly approved by the hardware manufacturer, thereby breaking free of the hardware manufacturer’s confinement. It’s hard to see why people who choose to do this should be arrested, really. And I wonder what Apple would say if Microsoft decided that iTunes was no longer permitted to function on their operating system, and anyone who tried to download iTunes for Windows should be arrested.

Would people stop claiming to have created perpetual motion machines? Please?! And if you actually do make one, how about actually giving some proof — you will make the entire scientific community shit themselves. Really.

creepy_puppetsBeware of confidence men attempting to sell you something called a telephone — it is a clever ruse to try to sell you non-existent and impossible technology!

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Sure, you’re guilty of rape. But given that you used to be a sheriff and have a “stable” relationship with your wife, we’ll just let you wander free until sentencing.

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