A link is worth a thousand words

And I have a lot of links.

There is now a browser plug-in that maps internet blockages, which will (purportedly) identify sites that have been blocked by governments.

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The New Scientist is reporting that those who have “old fashioned values” also purchase more pornography. I suppose this means that pornography is old fashioned.

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Employees are stealing company data when leaving their jobs. This isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that they are leveraging this information to get hired elsewhere. Why would you hire someone on that basis? Shouldn’t employers worry about what their new hires are going to do when they leave, if that’s how they arrive?

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Fox News, where accuracy in headlines is only a rumour.

A quote from this article: Permanent damage to the relationship may be done with a few drops of Tabasco sauce in the condom. Yes. This seems plausible.

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DRM, EULA, music, copyright … how about I promise not to do anything illegal?

An example of how “stolen” music in places like YouTube can launch careers.

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Think high-tech ID cards are a good idea? Don’t forget the card reader.

Thai students are apparently lining up to pay $3,000 to work at McDonald’s

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