The morning coffee

Internet? Check.
Virus-free computer? Check.
Coffee? Brewing.
Hit it.

If I were in Australia, I could be fined $11,000 for linking to wikileaks, as I did just there. Another source explains:
The blacklisting of certain pages of the site has come about after Wikileaks posted a list of websites at the tail end of 2008 that comprised the ‘secret internet censorship’ list for Denmark. On this list were over 3,500 sites that were censored or banned in the country.

Today’s image is by Zach Gold, and was found at My Modern Metropolis

The Bloggess provides us with pre-pitch instructions for marketers. The strange thing here? It actually worked — she has blogged about their product, in a round-about way.

A warning to Tweeters: Use your brain before you put information online. Assume that everybody you might not want reading something will read it, if you put it on the Internet.

Today’s webcomic is from a simple apology:

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