The morning coffee can now flash the camera

How many people would be surprised to learn that many women flash the cameras at theme parks — you know, the ones that take the photos they sell in the booth afterwards?

I’m guessing very few people would be surprised. But then again — if people do it, why don’t we see them afterwards? They would be up in those booths, right?

Apparently not — Disney has been employing breast inspectors to ensure that only breast-free photos make it to the booth. But times are tough and cutbacks are everywhere — even at Disney’s breast-inspector division.

While on the subject of breasts, I very much love this Mark Seliger photo in which everybody is staring at everybody else’s breasts:

Admit it: You have always wanted a crocheted Cthulu ski mask. Or you would have, had you known they existed

People like to cheat. A little bit.

Today we close with Cat and Girl:

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