The morning coffee and the slutty grave

A famous (and now dead) prostitute in Germany has had her gravestone rejected for being too slutty. The Big Bad Blog was previously unaware of both the existence of slutty gravestones and anti-slut graveyard standards.


In news-you-just-could-not-make-up: The New York Mets, a professional baseball team, were disturbed at their hotel last night by furries running amok.

My friend, known as “TJ”, experiences extreme hat difficulties. Apparently Biltmore’s promised high level of customer service does not apply to those with exceptionally large heads.

5 thoughts on “The morning coffee and the slutty grave

  1. Really enjoyed that motivational poster representing Gravity.

    Speaking of ‘just-a-theory’ things in life, do you often visit ?

  2. Wanted to stop over to give you acknowledgment, yes please continue with your postings, i very like them. You always can write something entertaining that doesn’t bore me to death like what you see on countless other sites.

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