The morning coffee and the glitter herpes

Before we get to glitter and herpes, we hit up copyright.

The Associated Press has decided that they will sue anybody who quotes five words or more from one of their articles. This would appear to be completely insane — it does not seem possible that a five-word quote could be anything other than fair use. Lifting a sentence and attributing it (usually done on the web by linking to the source) is suddenly considered a violation.

Alternatively, one could pay $12.50 for those five words. If you write a blog which uses Google Adwords, you are probably thinking a mix of that’s nuts and they have absolutely no concept of the actual value of their work. And you would be right.

AP: You heard it here. You have lost your minds, and you are on the road towards making yourself irrelevant.


Also: Herpes — hence, glitter — doubles the risk of HIV infection.

Imagine that you are a passenger in a car. The driver decides to race said car — 80 mph in a 30 zone. Your friend, the driver, loses control and crosses the centre line. A minivan is hit, in a head-on collision. Who do you, the passenger, sue? For one person, it is the driver of the minivan.

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