Cops for Coke

From Stuck in Customs:
I had a run-in with the law this evening. Just next door to the Olympic Park is the aquarium and the Coke Museum with a big field in between. There were about a fifty people or so there at the park. I set up my tripod to take a photo of downtown and the Coke Museum was in the middle of the shot. A female cop of came over and told me I had to take down the tripod because I looked like a professional. Coke does not allow that, so she said. I said I’m a blogger with expensive toys and hardly a threat. Then she got quite huffy and agitated before telling me if I did not take down the tripod that I would be arrested.

Pop quiz: The police officer threatened to arrest the photographer because:
(a) The photographer looked professional;
(b) The photographer was using a tripod;
(c) Coca-cola prefers that when taking photographs in Atlanta’s Olympic Park, photographers do not include their building.

Answer: All of the above.

The blogging photographer in question(I like blogtographer, but I think photoblogger is the common term)* did as the policewoman requested, and took a photograph that did not include the Coke building. He was not arrested.
One wonders why the Atlanta police are out patrolling Olympic Park looking for people who violate the policies of The Coca-Cola Company. As it would appear as though Atlanta has one of the highest crime rates in the United States, one would think that the policewoman’s time could be better spent doing something other than hassling photographers.

* It would seem that my spell checker believes blogtographer is a word. Photoblogger, on the other hand, is being flagged as a spelling mistake. Blogtographer it is.

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