Trotsky, the vampire

Continuing with our series of Better Dead than Red character backgrounds, we bring you the Big Bad himself: Leon Trotsky. For the full story on Trotsky, check out the write-up in No Fixed Address.

Trotsky is, of course, a communist. And hence a vampire. Trotsky is played by Mark, who also seems to be type-cast in our movies: For the second straight movie, Mark plays the bad guy behind it all — likely a side effect of his superb evil laughter. Looking ever-so-dashing in his fake mustache, Mark plots the downfall of capitalism and the conversion of all into blood-sucking vampires.

In the film’s climactic fight scene, Mark and I have at it — hero versus villain. It’s not the only reason you should watch straight through to the end, but it is a good one.

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