Your weekly offloading of links

Two Star Wars references today, folks, making three for the week … and a reminder that all the photos are links. Haven’t reminded in a while, it seems.

The Lego Millenium Falcon The Bank of America, as it often must these days, foreclosed on a home. They changed the locks, shut off the power. The whole deal. The only problem was that they did it to the wrong home.
Would you enjoy a 100 book challenge in 2010? Tough shit — try it and you’ll be sued.
Ladies: Do you find your vagina to be insufficiently pink? Introducing crotch dye!
Do you like video games? In particular, do you like video games classified as “roleplaying games”? If so, you may be addicted to false achievement.
If Star Wars had Facebook
The Wall Street Journal appears to be developing a Tesla crush
France’s anti-downloading police, Hadopi, unveiled their new logo … and in doing so violated copyright. Great start!
I am normally not a huge fan of the Chive. They clearly make a living from using the photographs of others, almost always uncredited. However this is just awesome fun.

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