Links, featuring chainsaws, cats, corsets, and Anne Frank’s vagina

March 20th will feature a finger gunfight flashmob in London. The best part of Edgar Wright’s blogging of it is that YouTube will not let him embed videos from his own show.
Need a flashlight? This one is … tactical?
You should not put corsets on cats:

Do you know that cats can’t wear corsets? … They can’t stand! Not at all! They just fall over.
I know because I tried!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Also not for cats: body piercings.
A school in Virginia has pulled Anne Frank’s Diary from the classroom, following the startling discovery that a teenage girl mentioned her vagina in her diary.

The horror.

If you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant, it is apparently not advisable to give blowjobs at knife fights. You know. In case you’re into that sort of thing.
Hate getting into a cold bed? I do. That’s why I’m glad that bed warmers have now come to the UK.
Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright. A cover version. On YouTube. with a ukelele.

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