The morning coffee cannot log on to Facebook

So there’s this website called ReadWriteWeb. It’s a technology blog. Like many a technology blog, they occasionally write about Facebook, including this article about the Facebook/AOL partnership and the universal Facebook login. The funny thing is that people were landing on this page — I am guessing it was #1 on Google search for “Facebook” for a time — and thinking that it was Facebook. Click on the link. Read the message from ReadWriteWeb trying to explain to users that this is not Facebook. (Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook.) And then dig through (some of the) over 1300 comments from confused people trying to log into Facebook. It’s worthwhile. Or maybe just fun way to procrastinate.

Fred Morrison, the inventor of the frisbee, has died. Obituaries from the BBC and the New York Times.

Here at the Big Bad Blog, we have often been disappointed by science journalists. Most science journalism is decidedly hit and miss. Amy Tuteur of Science Based Medicine looks at the habit news organisations have of copying press releases, often word for word.

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