Shoot portobello

a hand came out

Nearly a year ago, I went to an event at the Tate Modern called Shoot London. It was fantastic fun, and I promised myself that I would return to do another photography competition like that one.

Well, it took eleven months, but I finally did it.

Armed with a camera, a stuffed rabbit and Mr Potato Head arms, we went out and collected seven photos to illustrate seven phrases in three hours. When done, they were stitched together with photos from over 30 other teams to create an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

All the photos (for all the teams) will eventually be available on the shoot experience website. In the meantime you will have to be satisfied with my team’s non-award-winning photos right here.

Click ’em to see in big, as usual.

she sneered

he checked his watch
she chose table two
and she grew

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