The world of cufflinks

One of the great things about living in the United Kingdom is the popularity of cufflinks.

In Canada, cufflinks are a rare thing — you would have to search for a shirt that required them. But here in the UK, cufflinks are standard. Shirts that require them are as common as those that do not.

And men, apparently, love their jewelry.

Of course, not all cufflinks are created equal. The ones below are clearly superior to the average cufflink.

These cufflinks are actual functional lighters, and available for 22.99. Presumably USD:

Tend to find yourself out and about, with bottles to open and no bottle opener? Then these bottle opener cufflinks could be the links for you:

Are you a Trekkie? No? Perhaps a Trekker, then? If so, you may want to drop $40 on these Star Trek cufflinks:

Perhaps you’re a roleplayer and proud. So proud that you want to wear your dice on your sleeve. Here you go. I like how the description mentions that they are blue — it makes me think that they are available in other colours:

Car enthusiast? Don’t let the geeks have all the fun cufflinks — there are some for you, too:

And, of course, there is always Pac Man:

Most of the above cufflinks were found via two blogs: BoingBoing and Cool Material.

Many thanks to authors at both sites for being far more obsessed by cufflinks than I am.

7 thoughts on “The world of cufflinks

  1. Cufflinks and french cuff shirts have actually become a lot more popular here in the last few years – I see a lot of folks wearing them at work, especially the consultants. Though that may be due to the British guy running our company.

    And on the last set of cufflinks – caveat emptor! A lot of steampunk jewelry is just bits superglued onto a backing. Mine fell apart.

    Some day, I plan to get a matched set of cufflinks, watchfob, tie pin and tie clip made up by one of my local friends who makes jewelry.

  2. @curgoth they might as well have not existed in my jobs when I was in Canada. At insurance companies! Good luck getting a job at an insurance company in London without wearing cuff links to the interview.

  3. @Nicole that’s kind of awesome. Maybe I’ll wear something that requires cufflinks on the opening night for the exhibit that I’m going to be in, buy a pair, and wear them for the opening.

    In fact, that’s my new plan. I hope the gift shop is open.

  4. I got a pair of Trekkie ones for my Dad this Fathers Day, on the look out for more as he’s recently developed an obsession with them!

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