Links, featuring monsters, manifestos and radar ears

“I am not a brand.”

Maureen Johnson wrote a manifesto … well, she wrote a blog post, and titled it manifesto. If Manifestos have a minimum length, I don’t think it qualifies. But it’s still pretty awesome.

When was the last time someone was sued for singing a famous song in school? The last time something more than a takedown notice was the legal consequence of the music on a YouTube video? Sure, YouTube itself is being sued, and individuals are suing in response to the takedown notices, but the answer is actually never.

The penalty faced by those many people who quite publicly acted out the Thriller video? Nothing.

These are just a few of the ways in which this much reblogged article regarding Glee and copyright fails to have its facts straight. Still, it is interesting stuff and the hyperbole does not entirely invalidate the article’s conclusions.

My Roomba is broke, and I need to order a part to fix it. So sad. In the meantime I am forced to stare sadly at its beautiful algorithms.
Do not forget to password protect your Internet in Germany — you can be fined 100 Euros. In related news, German courts make it illegal for those who are not tech savvy to have wireless internet.
Apple and Flash, part one:

Take what Steve Jobs says about Flash, and do a copy & paste.

Apple and Flash, part two:

To demonstrate how HTML5 (as an open standard) is better than Flash, Apple created a little demo page to show you. Of course, if you are not using an Apple’s Safari browser, Apple tells you that you need Safari. Even though Firefox, Chrome, and most other current browsers would work just fine.

I’m sure you heard this, but the Big Bad Blog would be remiss not to repeat it:

Saudi clerics have issued a fatwa … advocating that women should share their breast milk with the men in their life.

I love Clients From Hell. I’m not sure that most of it is not made up, and I particularly enjoy the rare posted exchange in which the designer is the asshole.

This particular entry goes above and beyond the norm, to the root of most customer problems.

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