The weekend coffee features dinosaurs and bad cooking

The Times now requires that readers register (for free) to access their website — and this cut traffic to their site in half. I wonder how few readers they will have once they start to request payment?
An awesome idea: slides on the underground.
The State of California v Mr. Miyagi.
Vandals have a new weapon. And it’s lunch meat.
Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has labelled anybody who opposes Canada’s new intellectual property bill a “radical extremist”. This would appear to be claiming that all opposition MPs, Canadian universities, the retail council of Canada, and (possibly) you are all radical extremists.

Oh, and also Cory Doctorow, who has this extreme message, in which he exhibits a desire to own his own copyrights. Extreme, that.

We present to you the cookbook that nobody should own.
Like me, you might have seen many people on the internet marveling over the sheer coincidence that two people who are now married were once at Disney World at the same time as children. Until you realize that this was bound to happen for some couple at some point. Particularly when one of them lived in Florida.
Photographers in Britain are reminded that they are a threat to beach safety this summer. Your threatening ways will not be tolerated!

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