The Weekend Coffee

Everything you wanted to know about Beck U, but were afraid to ask.
Instructions on how to jog … with an erection.
In case you missed it, Prince dissed the Internet, saying that it is completely over. We have opinions on this at the Big Bad Blog. As draft posts indicate, these opinions are entirely incoherent at the moment. We will likely forget them.
For those of you who Twitter: A rant about retweeting celebrities.

Personally, anything to do with celebrities baffles me. People either have something intelligent (or interesting, or funny) to say, or they do not. Beyond that … who cares?

Shazam is an awesome smartphone app. However, its makers apparently do not understand the purpose of patents, and insist that their patented software not be discussed in public.
You might have noticed that we link to a lot of other sites at the Big Bad Blog. But you probably are not aware exactly how brave we are to do this. Linking to some websites is against their terms of use, and there’s a list of (some of) them here.
An interesting little article about fine distinctions between words.
A final treat for all y’all: Magical Penis Thieves appears to be one of those phrases for which this blog will now doubtlessly rise to the the top of the Google Search Board.


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