The weekend coffee, featuring glow-in-the-dark cats and more methane


Volunteers at women’s health centres apparently get pelted with small rubber “dog-toy” like fetuses
The Psychology of Conspiracy
If you need proof that the UK’s libel laws are over-the-top, check out the manner in which criticisms of a person’s behaviour need to be expressed, in order to avoid lawsuits.
As a denizen of the Internet, you are no doubt aware of that annoying quiz in which your own writing is compared to famous authors. But be aware that it is flawed:

Input some Lovecraft, and it will identify it as Orwell-like.

Input some Orwell, and it will be identified as being similar to Margaret Mitchell.

Remember a few weeks ago when we linked to scaremongering over methane releases from the BP oil spill? Well, now the scaremongering has gone even more extreme — to doomsday scenarios!

Of course, these do not stand up to scrutiny. But excellent scaremongering nonetheless!

Historians say that they have located King Arthur’s table. And here I was thinking that King Arthur was just a myth.

Are the stories about Merlin true, too?

It has been shown everywhere I look on the Internet. Everywhere. But I will still link to it, because I continue to love absolutely everything that Improv Everywhere does.
Need a place to crash for a month? Like museums? Then apply to live at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for a month.

Oh, you get paid, too.

On the downside, you’ll be expected to write. Scary.

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