The weekend coffee has bees. And ants. Zombie ants.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you put a jar over top of a hole in a beehive?

If the answer to that is “no”, you will be kicking yourself for not wondering about this sooner after seeing what happens.

Here at the Big Bad Blog, we love math jokes. This one is fantastic.
It would seem that the security features on touchscreen phones can be hacked using a ‘smudge attack’. This information will feature in an upcoming episode of Burn Notice, most probably.
Things you have always known but never bothered to test empirically: Women with larger breasts have an easier time hitchhiking.
Georgia Pacific, a maker of paper towel dispensers you find in restrooms, is suing for trademark infringement as people are using paper towels from other brands in their machines.
Everything you need to know about parasite powered zombie ants.
While creationism (and its variants) do not belong in the science classroom, not being science, do they belong elsewhere? Religion class? Philosophy? History? Albert Meyer argues not. Personally, I would like to see it as a subject to be tested in a class on Critical Thinking.
In case you do not know what a Rickroll is, there is now court testimony explaining it on record, thanks to hacker Christopher Poole.

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