Your weekend coffee features swinging, robbery and the Incredible Hulk

There are lessons to be learned from this story. One is to be careful who you steal from. Another is how easy it is to track people down these days:

you just never know what you’re stepping into when you hit up a random car on a random street. However badass you think you may be, there is someone on the other side of the robbery.

While we’re looking at the criminal element, here’s a little peek into the world of stolen credit cards.
I have recently been thinking of switching my mobile provider, with T-Mobile being a real possibility.

Until I read this. While I’m unlikely to be a target of T-Mobile’s text message censors, the concept leaves me feeling icky.

Amongst the strange jobs that exist out there that I have never thought of, host at a swinger’s club jumps right up to the top of the list, courtesy of this interview with a person that held such a position.

Your entertaining smutty interview for the weekend.

Residents of Worcester, watch out!

The Incredible Hulk is on the loose!

In a move that could not possibly be motivated by self-interest in any form or fashion, beer sellers are opposing California’s Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana.
Because everybody should know how to make beer popsicles.
Do we really live in a world where people are arrested and charged for yelling at kids who have been bullying their disabled daughter?

One thought on “Your weekend coffee features swinging, robbery and the Incredible Hulk

  1. “- A buffet for food?

    – Right. Buffet for food.

    – I thought maybe that was slang for something.

    – No! [laughs] That would make sense. But, no, there‚Äôs like a taco buffet or a meatball buffet. It just makes people more comfortable.”

    Tacos and meatballs on the food buffet of a swingers club? Are we *sure* we are talking about *food* and it is *not* ‘slang for something’?

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