The morning coffee, mad scientists and the smart phone

Stephanie Fox, Kelly Faircloth and Mary Ratliff have combed over the annals of literature and created a definitive chart of Mad Scientists in literature, noting what fields they tend to study. The maddest of the sciences? Biology.

(by Lucian Olteanu)

Google recently added Google Instant, in which they try to guess what you type while you are typing. But some search terms are off limits to Google Instant, as Google is worried you might see things that you wish you had not.

Nokia seems to have real problems. Seems that in 2004, their R&D engineers developed a prototype phone. It was internet-ready, and had a large touchscreen. In 2004. Ready to go to the production line. But the company’s management decided it was “too risky”, putting Nokia behind the competition, instead of three years ahead of it.

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