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GPS units with errors and directions obtained from Google maps have been blamed for many things — trucks going down roads that are too narrow, people driving into lakes, and pedestrians being hit by cars due to walking along routes lacking sidewalks, to mention three.

This time, Google Maps nearly started a war.

Always wanted to have sex with Obama? Now you can! In a manner of speaking.

Introducing the Obama sex doll.

We hear quite a bit these days, about how the Internet is destroying traditional publishing industries — most particularly newspapers and magazines.

So it is always funny to see examples of just how little traditional publishers understand the Internet and copyright law — here’s a recent example — two little pieces from a letter sent from an editor (who had plagiarized a blogger’s material in their print magazine) to the blogger (who wrote asking for credit and compensation):

I do know about copyright laws … the web is considered “public domain”

I’ve never been a fan of the phrase “fight fire with fire”. It simply seems like bad advice.

Fight monkeys with monkeys, on the other hand? That’s a phrase I can get behind.

Everything is better with butter …

even your brain?

There’s an owl crisis in India. Which is to say, that owls are in danger of becoming an endangered species.


India blames a children’s book. Rather than, you know, the idiot parents who think that giving their (presumably non-wizard) children owls as pets is a good idea.

Let us revisit the Tea Party.

Or, perhaps, the T Party.

The way it was meant to be.

While on the subject of the Tea Party, the Big Bad Blog would like to note that Tea Party supporters often hold signs that say things such as “God Hates Fags”.

It has been pointed out that God Hates Figs.

We assume that the Tea Party’s previous signs have actually just contained a typo, and are looking forward to seeing a correction.

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