Tattoo Number Nine

Let it not be said that we are incapable of lazy blogging at the Big Bad Blog. Here are my nine most-recently-bookmarked tattoo photographs, from worst to best.


Why would somebody get this My Little Pony tattoo? I mean, thank you, but why?

Found at the Berry, with some other questionable tattoos.


The tattoos I bookmarked move away from bad to merely weird quite quickly. Here’s view #1 from under the skin, Found at FFFFound:


View #2 from under the skin, cyborg edition. Found at the Chive.


This one has breasts. And the words “Mad World”. And a bird. Found on Flickr.


You may have noticed that these are starting to actually get pretty good. Here’s the first that I am actually quite fond of. Found at FFFFound.


Another one Found at FFFFound.


I am not generally fond of hand tattoos, but this photo is marvellous. Found at FFFFound.


Perhaps this tattoo does not deserve to be here on tattoo-merit alone. But the cat tattoo, combined with the cat backdrop, makes this one a winner. Found at I Love My Lovely Loves.


I love quotation marks.

Found at FFFFound.

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