The morning coffee turns left

I have driven in many different countries, and ridden as a passenger in still more. While driving on the left vs driving on the right gets the most attention, it is pretty much trivial. More interesting is the comparative use of stop signs and yield signs, roundabouts and intersections, the existence of clearly demarked rules of the road versus what looks like chaos (but somehow still functions).

So it is quite interesting to find out that we would all get to our destinations more quickly (and be safer in the process) if left turns were eliminated. Or, presumably, right turns here in England.

While dimly aware that there ought to be people out there who study such traffic issues, the complete lack of consistency in regards to traffic management from country to country gave the impression that these people might not actually exist.

Now that they do, when do their recommendations start to go into effect?

Photo by Sacha Goldberger. See the full set at My Modern Metropolis

Today’s webcomic is Bug by Adam Huber.

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