The morning coffee vs the homophobes

The Morning Coffee, you might have noticed, generally includes a Webcomic. One of our favourite – hence most common – webcomics is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

One thing that confuses us here at the Morning Coffee is how organisations such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) can exist. Here is an institution that is dedicated to a single thing: denying rights to a minority group.

How such a group can exist in 2011 — how many people think the existence of such a group is acceptable in 2011 — is beyond me. We often link to amazing new technological breakthroughs in this space, and claim that we are living in the future. Sometimes it seems that we are reliving some of the more inglorious moments of our past.

But … here comes the good part. NOM appropriated today’s choice of Webcomic for their website — but they hotlinked to it. So Zach Weiner, author of the comic changed the image to the following:

Of course, here is the original comic. And Mr. Weiner? We salute you.

Photo found at FFFFound. Photographer unknown.
Webcomic is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner.

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