The morning coffee and the fictional characters

Superheroes are weird things.

On one hand, they represent truth and justice and all that jazz. On the other hand, they sit above the law, vigilantes that violently take the law into their own hands. There is no due process, and no accountability. They cannot even be identified.

As awesome as real-life superheroes sound, the truth is that they would almost certainly be unwelcome. But none so much as Batman, as brilliantly explained by Steven Padnick. An excerpt:

Batman acts with an enormous sense of entitlement. Batman just assumes he’s right in every situation. It’s his city. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll make you leave. If Batman thinks you’re guilty of a crime, he’ll put on his pointed black mask and beat the crap out of you. Laws? Civil rights? Due process? Those are for other people. Yes, the people may have elected a mayor, and may pay taxes to employ the police. Batman could work with them, but they’re all corrupt, weak, and not as good as him. (Except Gordon. Batman has generously determined that Gordon is worthy to be contacted, though he always disappears before Gordon’s done talking, just to remind Gordon who’s the bitch in this relationship.)

Batman isn’t just “the man,” Bruce Wayne is also The Man. He’s a rich, white, handsome man who comes from an old money family and is the main employer in Gotham. He owns half the property in the city. In a very real sense, Gotham belongs to him, and he inherited all of it.

Image is Captain Nemo’s Daughter, by Marina Bychkova. Found via BoingBoing.
Webcomic is Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North.

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