The royal morning coffee

Those of you who have had access to a media source for more than a few minutes over the past six months are probably aware that there’s this Royal Wedding happening on Friday. It is, apparently, some sort of big deal.

As a result, our news sources are attempting to beguile us with thousands of poorly made stories about the bride and groom, their families, and wedding preparations. Stories of people who are (and are not) invited, forged invitations, people who happen to share the same name with the bride. General wedding stories. Stories about other weddings in the groom’s family — that of his parents, in particular.

Amongst all this crap, we have found one interesting story at the Big Bad Blog — that of the man tasked with preparing obituaries for Charles and Diana for People Magazine, in case a terrorist attack killed one (or both) of them on their wedding day in 1981.

Photo found at The World’s Best Ever. Credit unknown, though it could potentially belong to The Last Tuesday Society.
Webcomic is The Front, by Nate Pollard.

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