The morning coffee forgives your debt

Here I am, thinking that the Morning Coffee is something that I don’t do anymore, and then this pops up:

And now it’s back.

Whatever you might think of the whole Occupy Wall Street movement, what they’re up to now is incredibly awesome. They have started something that they are calling The Rolling Jubilee. Far better than the Jubilee we saw in London this year, the idea is that they raise money, use that money to buy debt, and then forgive that debt.

It’s a brilliant (and simple) idea. Debt can be bought for pennies on the dollar, making every donation received go a long, long way.

For those of you looking for (free) further education, Stanford is offering an introductory course on Cryptography online. For free. I would be doing this if I thought I could find the free 5-7 hours a week to complete the coursework. Plus an extra 5-7 hours in the next week, to make up for the fact that it started a week ago.

Coffee image is of a mug on sale from Diesel Sweeties.
The astronaut in the Apple store is a photo by James Nord.
Webcomic is Cautionary Tales, by Bill Taylor.

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