The Mr Topp advent calendar: Day 19

Christmas, of course, isn’t the only holiday of the season. It would seem remiss if we had no Hannukah here in the Mr Topp advent calendar. And yes, it’s too late for Hannukah, but with Christmas less than a week away, it’s not like there’s time to order anything we’re showing you in time for Christmas, either.

So, Hannukah.

Here at the Mr. Topp household, we are forever looking for menorahs. They simply seem hard to come by in central London — we either need to order online, or travel to more remote corners of London to find them. And then, once we have them, we need candles.

Enter the Deluxe LED Menorah. Available online. No candles required. Hurrah!

And if you think that’s too plain, you can use it as a crafty base, instead, and make something pretty awesome.

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