Shark (Sock) Week

Remember the shark socks I mentioned as part of my advent calendar early in December?

If not, here’s a reminder:


Turns out that they were a really bad choice for the advent calendar. They weren’t actually for sale, and you couldn’t even buy the pattern. As something that was basically a list of awesome Christmas gifts, including things that couldn’t be bought as part of the advent calendar series wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

However, you can buy them now. For this week, and this week only you can buy the shark socks pattern, and donate to Hurricane Sandy relief in the process.

So go give to a good cause, and keep your feet warm. And consumed by sharks.

One thought on “Shark (Sock) Week

  1. Thanks for helping to get the word out, Steve. Lisa (the designer) is awesome, and I’m sure that the organizations that she’s chosen will use the money wisely.

    (As one of the lucky few who is in the 2012 club, and who already has the Tshark Tsock kit in my hot little hands, I’ve got to say that, like all of Lisa’s other patterns, this one is brilliantly designed, well-written, and is fun.)

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