I have no dream

So today is Martin Luther King day in the United States, and I see a link to a video of a modestly famous speech he gave once. Clicking through, I see this:



Funnily enough, the UK has a 50 year broadcast copyright, and the speech was in August 1963 … less than 50 years ago.

But even so, the copyright is owned by the King estate. I would be surprised if CD Baby has been hired by the King estate for copyright enforcement.

So, CD Baby, you are now officially on my shit list. I buy MP3s regularly, but not from you.

Now? Never from you.

Other groups listed? I wish you did something useful or productive, so I could shun you in favour of your competitors. It is a shame that you are nothing more than copyright trolls. Seriously. What’s in this for you?

What a bunch of assholes.

Here’s the speech.

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