Hands on a belly

I was looking through some older photos that had never been uploaded to the Internet, and came across this one:


You can see it larger on Flickr.

That’s a photo of Karen’s hands on our friend Josie’s belly. It is February 2010. We are in Canada, staying in a spare “guest” apartment in the building where Josie owns a condo.

Karen is pregnant, but we haven’t told anybody yet. She will spend the entire trip with “morning sickness” that lasts all day, every day, justifying our decision not to actually stay with any friends or family.

Josie is also pregnant; everybody knows this — she is well beyond any thoughts of hiding it. It will be exactly one month before she gives birth.

This is our last time in Canada as non-parents.

The photo was taken nearly three years ago, but it’s very easy to remember. It was in the midst of the Vancouver Olympics, and we were at a restaurant/bar to watch the the hockey semifinals with friends.

A month earlier, we had been in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had to spend a month there for work, and Karen had joined me for the first two weeks. We realised that she was most likely pregnant near the end of our first week there. She went to the doctor’s on returning to London, and called me to tell me that yes, she was definitely pregnant. I was standing on a subway platform in Sofia at the time.

Now we were in Toronto. Spending time with an old friend who was also expectant. We touched the belly. I would get quite accustomed to putting my hands on a pregnant belly, later that year.

Canada won the hockey game. I do not remember a minute of it, though I know I watched intently and cheered. Other friends were there, too.

But I remember this moment. I don’t even need the photo.

6 thoughts on “Hands on a belly

  1. I remember that visit! It was soon after Josie’s baby shower so I was full of happy about that. I remember you telling Margo (?) and I that Karen was pregnant. We were in the BP near Pete and Josie’s old condo.

    It was me you saw the Gold medal match with. 😉 We were running around downtown trying to find Gretzky’s but ended up at Elephant and Castle across from Roy Thompson. We stole the only two bar stools available and enjoyed an entire pitcher of beer. It was amazing. lots of ‘LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO’ and the communal look of shock when Crosby made that goal.

    But as amazing as that time was – I agree. The whole situation outside of it – Karen being pregnant, Josie very pregnant, you all being here for a visit and how good that was – better than the game.

    1. Of course I saw the gold medal match with you! And I remember plenty of it!

      This was the bronze medal game, and the only reason I know Canada won is because I was downtown with you two nights later.

    2. haha yeah… I know they had to play… I know that it was good watching… but no clear memory of it.

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