To the Shard!

Tonight, I am heading up the Shard:

The Shard rises over Wapping

The tallest building in Europe, and I’m all excited to get to take photos of what promises to be a fantastic view. The BBC is even telling me that visibility will be “good” this evening. Whatever that means.

I’m imagining myself rocking up with a backpack full of gear, pulling out my tripod, and … what’s that, Terms and Conditions of entry?

We regret that tripods and monopods are not permitted onsite.

Well, damn. I’m not sure that I believe that word “regret” at the start. I mean, if this decision was something you regret, you could change it. You know. If, as the policy maker, it makes you sad.

Wait, what’s that, Terms and Conditions of entry?

Large items, including bags, bicycles or large photographic equipment may be prohibited from being taken to The View. Such items cannot be left within the premises of The View.

So now the puzzle emerges. I need a bag that’s big enough for both my laptop and my camera — I’m going straight from work, so my laptop will be with me. But the bag cannot be sufficiently large that I’m on the wrong side of vaguely worded “large items”. And the terms and conditions clearly have a concern that somebody is going to take a nice picture from the top of the Shard, so I must minimize my kit footprint.

I have to take my camera body, and a lens (12-24 mm, I’m thinking). Do I take anything else? Do I risk confiscation of my Gorillapod? Do I fill up my bag with additional kit until it is full, while being short of bulging?

Ah, dilemmas.

You’ll know if I got it wrong, though. Because I’ll be writing all about how I got kicked out of the Shard for taking photos, rather than posting photos from the top of the Shard.

See you tomorrow!

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