Reminding songs II: Places

The memories continue in the sixth installment of our Facebook Song Challenge:

A song that reminds of you of somewhere

Continuing from yesterday, I’m searching for songs that are strongly associated with both a memory and a particular geographic location. Preferably with a story attached.

But yesterday’s approach doesn’t work very well. Music is part of my everyday existence; I love listening to music, and so it’s associated with the day-to-day events of my life. There are, therefore, plenty of songs that remind me of little haunts where I have lived, in Kingston, Hamilton, London. The landscapes of these cities have had a musical backdrop that’s reflected in my music collection.

It’s hard to count the places that you spend your time everyday as somewhere though. The songs remind me of places that are mundane.

And when I travel, the headphones are off. I don’t wander the streets of a city I’m in for the first time with music piped in my ears. So searching through the music I pump into my ears is fruitless.

So let’s step away, and go through holiday memories.

From there, it doesn’t take long to get to the Dominican Republic.

I was … I want to say 15, but I’m pretty sure my sister had joined me in high school by this point, which would make me 16. And my mother took us to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.

It was fun. We found other kids our age. We found that the bars were happy to serve us. So it was all booze and sun and new friends; I don’t think either of us had experienced anything quite like it before.

And that spring, there was a hit song playing on the radio. And the people who worked at the resort — who we spent a lot of time hanging out with — would play it non-stop …

Oh god, that’s a little bit sad, isn’t it? Clearly getting on a bit, past their prime, still trying to be some sort of hard-ish hair rock, while playing a pop song aimed at teens and pre-teens.

Let’s fast forward to a more comfortable and knowing nostalgia phase, and try that again:

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