Hating music

So I have been putting off chapter twelve in my thirty part music challenge. And this is why:

A song from a band you hate

Hate. Detest. Abhor. Loathe.

I know what the question is after. It’s looking for me to say “I hate Justin Bieber”, or something like that.

But there’s a problem.

I don’t hate Justin Bieber.

I don’t care for his music, sure. But it’s directed at pre-teen girls, so that’s probably a good thing. And you probably don’t need me to tell you that I don’t like music that’s targeted to pre-teen girls. Probably.

And he certainly can act like a prick, but he’s a nineteen year old who, instead of having a peer group, spent his teenage years having money and screaming girls thrown at him. He has basically avoided the maturing process that normally happens during puberty.

In other words, he’s still a kid. Give him a decade where he’s an adult dealing with adults (rather than the only kid in the room), or have him do something more heinous before the word hate can be applied.

I suppose that there are hate-worthy musicians, but linking to a song or video of theirs doesn’t feel right. And it fails to address the point.

A song from a band I hate. Presumably from a musical standpoint.

This is where I also need to introduce that I’m thirty-six years old. I don’t exactly live in a world of MTV anymore. Yes, MTV. I was a teenager back when they actually showed music videos. And we would sit there and watch them. The songs we loved, the songs we hated. Yes, there was a time that I could hate somebody because they sang the wrong song.

So where do I find these bands I might hate, for lack of a better word? I have no idea.

When I look at the bands I have listened to over the past year, there are a fuck-ton that I have listened to four times. Last.fm will not show me any bands played three times or less. And I can’t really claim to hate any of these four-plays.

So I’ll just give you something I don’t understand:

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