Mr. Topp Runs the London Marathon


Happy Halloween, boys and girls.

I’m sure many of you already know this, but I have been chosen to run again – I have won myself a spot in the London Marathon. I am running for Shelter, and would ask you to sponsor my run here.

But this time there’s more in it for you.

Oh, yes.

We are going to add gimmicks to this round of fundraising.

While you should still just sponsor me because I’m going to suffer for 26.2 miles (and many, many more training miles) for charity, if that’s not enough for you, or if you have so many friends running the marathon and cannot sponsor them all … I give you more. After all, the London Marathon is no ordinary race – it is a spectacle. People line the route from start to finish — I’ve seen the number reported as 250,000 people, but have no idea how that number was determined (or how to verify it’s accuracy). It will also be broadcast on the BBC.

You deserve more. I will be spectacular. I will be in costume as I run.


As my first gimmick, I am allowing my SPONSORS to choose the costume.

The caveats:

  • I am going to be in public. In front of a quarter million people. And on TV. Representing a charity. There are decency requirements
  • I will be running over 26 miles in the costume. It will be my first marathon. I need to be able to run in it reasonably well
  • I’m not sewing or custom ordering or otherwise building a costume. I need to be able to buy it in a shop
  • Masks are a pain in the ass. If I end up in a costume that needs a mask, expect me to work around it somehow. Or discard it after the first mile
  • I am supporting Shelter, and will be incorporating their race shirt in some way

Fully caveated, this is how it will work:

  1. Go to Virgin Money Giving, and sponsor me at
  2. You can either not be anonymous, or leave your costume request in the comments
  3. You can support others’ costume suggestions through the comment you send with the donation
  4. I’m looking at total support, not the biggest single donation

The person or costume with the most cumulative money donated will win!

I will post regular leaderboards, so you know where you stand. The final day for donations to count towards the choice is 23 March 5 April 2017. After that, I’ll be assembling a costume and assuring myself I can run in it …

Get in.

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