10-12 of 365. Or 2-3 of 52

Well, this didn’t work. You hear about how short New Year’s Resolutions last, but you don’t think it will be you.

It was me.

The 365 plan was somewhere between ambitious and impossible, but … some part of me hoped that I would get through it anyways. I didn’t. I was working, running, parenting, sleeping, and I fell behind less than two weeks in. Irrecoverably, I think. I can’t imagine catching up on 11 of these while keeping pace with an additional one daily.

I’m not sure I can keep pace. But I can change.

Below are three photos I took for the 365. Two representing the bit of snow we got, and one representing one of my ‘cheat days’ from trying to eat properly where I enjoyed a few drinks. But don’t treat these as #10, 11, and 12. Instead, treat them as weeks 2 & 3 of my 52 week project. I can do one every week. Posted on a Sunday, ideally.

(Don’t expect these promptly each Sunday.)

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