Marathon Update: It’s February

And it’s cold.

I’m still out there running, though – donate here, and let me tell you how it’s going.

The Running

It couldn’t go well forever. On Sunday morning, I woke up and couldn’t move the big toe on my right foot, which led to my first missed workout of the plan as I consulted with Doctor Google.

Option 1: Gout. Which would seem strange a month into the healthiest eating I’ve ever done in my life.
Option 2: Hallux Limitus. Which just means ‘stiff toe’, so yeah. But it’s actually arthritic and can progress to be debilitating.
Option 3: Hard to find, but one site suggests that when a runner is increasing mileage that there is sometimes inflammation of the joint under the ball of the foot, which can cause stiffness.

Like magic, a bit of ice and anti-inflammatories, and I was back out for my next run on the Tuesday.

I just have to stick my foot in ice after each run now, so it doesn’t swell up and make my life miserable.

The Fundraising

If you don’t know already, whoever is my biggest donor by 23 March gets to dress me for the marathon.

What you might not know is that it is the cumulative donation for a costume that gets the win. So while the leaders are currently tied with £50 donations, if you donate £5 and mention that you want it to go towards a ‘Smurf’ costume, ‘Smurf’ gets on the leaderboard at £5. And if enough people donate to it, that’s what I’ll be.

So we’ve got my dad and my boss tied for the lead at £50, but no actual costumes on the board at this point.

Get to work people.

If you’re particularly giving, and donate £50 or more, you’ll also get a Mr. Topp photoshoot out of it. (Details)

The Charity

I have decided to support Shelter when running the marathon. The cost of living in London is out of control, and many people struggle to keep a roof over their heads. There are 124,000 children homeless in England right now, when temperatures drop below freezing.

Shelter is an excellent charity – they aren’t actually a shelter, but provide housing advice to help people stay in their homes, or find a home. They lobby the government to address the housing crisis.

£5 can find a family a safe place to sleep tonight.
£10 can answer a call to the Shelter hotline, which gets overwhelmed.
£14 can help a relocated child settle into a new school.

If you donate today, Shelter gets the money today. It’s that easy.

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