The Marathon Dress-up Game

Originally, I planned to give myself a month.

Find a costume.
Buy a costume.
Make sure it ain’t a super-chafing type of costume.
Replace the super-chafing costume.
Buy a lot of vaseline.
That’ll do.

That’s a month, right?

Perhaps not.

Word on the street (OK, word at the pub) is that there are plenty of people who want their donation to contribute towards the costume choice but they are waiting for April pay.

While I’m not hip to all the terms that kids use these days, I’m pretty sure that April pay is not available on March 23rd. So to accommodate would-be-donors, I’m extending the deadline.

April 5th will be the last day for your donation to also be a costume vote. When the clock strikes midnight, all the votes are in. Hopefully that helps the 15th of the monthers (hey! that’s today! DONATE.), the 25thers, the last-day-of-the-monthers, the firsters, et cetera. No excuses.

The Leaders:

  1. Horse Head – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

(Names are used where a costume has not been suggested.)

Too Fast, Too Slow

Last weekend’s long run was a bit of a milestone run — Run A Half Marathon, says the training plan.

I took that to mean race, but wasn’t entered in one. So I did a training run, and tried to pace it like a race.

So, I got it right. 1 hour, 48 minutes. Below two hours, and almost on pace for a 3:30 marathon.

I also got it wrong.

The first five miles were blazingly fast. I felt great, and was certainly on pace to finish in 1h30.
The second five miles were disappointing. I fell into more of an average pace. It felt largely mental – I couldn’t convince myself that I was racing against the other runners on the path.
The last 3.1 miles were horrible. It completely fell apart, and I was merely willing myself to go the full distance.

At the end of the day, it was my fastest (long, sustained) training run to date, and fantastic for that reason. But if I try to run the marathon the same way, I won’t make it.

Thanks for reading. On your way out, please donate to Shelter.

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