T-5 Weeks


I was in Richmond park this morning, and I asked myself that question.


I find myself asking myself the same question most Sundays, at a similar point in time. In this case, I had just glanced at my watch, to learn that I had completed the 11th mile of this morning’s run – and I’ve never had a real desire to run 11 miles in my life. That moment would be followed by another 12.5 miles of running.

So … this week, I’m going to answer some Whys here on the Big Bad Blog.

Why am I running the London Marathon?
Why am I supporting Shelter?
Why do I run more than 20 miles on a Sunday morning?
Why fancy dress?
Why should you donate?

Have some other whys you want answered? Comment away – I’ll add ’em to the list.

Oh, and pop over to Virgin Money Giving, and support my run.

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