Marathon Day: A guide for cheerleaders

Yesterday, I put out a call to arms to help my fundraising, and you have responded with nearly £200 so far. Thank you! We haven’t yet met my matching donation maximum, so donate today.

With that out of the way, there’s more than one way to support a runner on marathon day. Don’t just support my fundraising – cheer me on!

Here’s a guide for my prospective cheerleaders:

Downlad the app

There is meant to be an app available in mid-April. I don’t know what it means that it doesn’t exist yet. Probably something bad.

But the app should give you my approximate location along the actual race route, so is probably pretty useful (if they finish it on time). I’ll be broadcasting my location as well, but that won’t mean much if you don’t know the route.

Follow me on Twitter

I’m on Twitter here, and will be posting a link prior to the run that will allow you to track my location on Google Maps.

Know when I’m approaching! Know when I’ve just passed you in a crowd of hundreds of people and how could you have missed me?!

Go to a Shelter cheering spot

I’m supporting Shelter (here’s the link, if you’ve missed it), and they stake out spots around the course to cheer for Shelter runners!

The cheer spots are at miles 12, 16, and 25.

They’re useful in case you aren’t planning to stake out a spot early yourself – people will stake it out for you!
They’re full of people looking for me when I run past – I’ll be hard to miss!
They’re pretty hard for me to miss, so I’ll try to run close by them to give high fives and stuff. (Well, maybe not at mile 25. I may be pretty focused on dragging my body the rest of the way at that point.)

Shelter provides a handy map – just click here.

Watch me on TV and yell at the screen

OK – you probably won’t see much of me on the TV. Maybe not at all. But the race will be shown on BBC One and iPlayer, with highlights shown again in the evening.

I am unlikely to make the highlights, but will do my best.

Help carry me to the pub after

After the race, I’ll head to the Royal Horseguards Hotel, where Shelter has their post-race reception.

From there, I expect I’ll want a seat, food, and drink. So come along, and take a peek at my beautiful participation medal.

Thanks for your support!

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