And then there were two

Sleeps, that is. 48 hours from now, I’ll be well into my post-race celebration. London Marathon, here I come.


A week ago, I offered to match the next £500 of donations to my Shelter fundraiser. Since then, you’ve come through with £425.

So please tell me you’re not done yet. I’ll still match the next £75 donated between now and the race (10:00 BST on Sunday). So don’t wait around – donate now, while you can still double the value of your donation!


I posted a guide, but there are now updates!

There is an official spectators guide, and APPS! For iPhone and Android! I have no idea if any of these things are useful.

There is also a runner tracker, allowing you to stalk me online on race day. I’ll be runner #2783.


I’m ready.

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