Eurovision: Your political vote

The Eurovision Final is upon us! And, like every year, the British entry is likely an also-ran by any measure of quality or entertainment. But, as we all know, Eurovision votes are not all about quality and entertainment. As much as Eurovision is meant not to be about politics, it asks people to vote, and people voting inevitably make politically-motivated choices.

So let’s give the United Kingdom a chance, by making it about politics.

Wait, you might say, why would Europe vote for the Brexit country?

A good point. As a counter-point, I present a friend’s Facebook post:

Do you want to give the middle finger to those who voted Brexit, by bringing a big European event to the UK? Vote for the UK.

Do you want to have a giant European party in the heart of Brexitland? Vote for the UK.

If you vote for somebody else, and the UK loses … well, we’re used to that. That’s the status quo. Europe doesn’t love us. Brexit is right. Maybe we can leave Eurovision, too!

But if the UK wins? Front page headlines in every newspaper, during an election with Brexit as the main issue. AND the UK is forced to host next year, spending lots of money, and inviting Europeans to come to the Eurovision party.

So vote politically. Eurovision 2018: London.

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