About Mr. Topp

The custodian and primary author of the Big Bad Blog is the man known as “Mr. Topp”.

Yes, this is his real name.

Mr. Topp was born in the 1970s, in Canada. Nearly thirty years later he left that country for the wilds of London, with an intention to study the natives and bring some semblance of culture to that foreign land. He is thus far largely unsuccessful, and the British fascination with football appears to continue unabated.

However, while in London, Mr. Topp successfully created the Young Miss Topp, most often known on the Big Bad Blog as “Maggie”.

About the Big Bad Blog

The Big Bad Blog is a place for Mr. Topp to write what he feels like, when he feels like. It is written and maintained in what little free time Mr. Topp finds available.

At one point in time, Mr. Topp described the Big Bad Blog as his ‘primary creative outlet’, but these days creativity is found mainly in photography. You can find his photos on 500 px, Instagram, and Flickr.

Occasionally, you can also find them here on the blog.

Getting in touch

So, you have made it this far through the About page, and now want to get in touch with the resident blogger?

It’s pretty simple – just email me at fromtheblog@mrtopp.com.

But before you waste your time, here are some common email themes, and their answers:

I would like to create some fantastic content for your blog, that your readers would love!
If I don’t know you, and there is no associated large sum of money, you will not get an answer.

We would like to do a link exchange
Mr. Topp does not participate in link exchanges.

We would like you to change what you wrote about [thing]
Please be aware that Mr. Topp is likely to blog about your request. If you present compelling evidence that the Big Bad Blog has made an error or presented something in an incomplete (and misleading) way, this blogging is much more likely to be the sort of blogging you appreciate. Mr. Topp rarely alters content once published, and attempts to be transparent about alterations when they do occur.