The weekend coffee: Tattoos and Farewells

Good morning, and welcome to the last of the weekend coffees.

Yes, that is right. On Monday, we made changes to the morning coffee, with an eye to actually writing more and linking less. And today is the last weekend coffee.

The Weekend Coffee, you may have noted, tends to have little to no writing at all. As such, we look at the time spent gathering together each week’s links, time that could be spent reading, writing, taking photographs and playing with Maggie. In short, it is not a creative endeavour — and the Big Bad Blog is meant to be creative.

If you look to the right (assuming that you’re at the site, and not the RSS feed), you will see a section called “Favourite Reads” which lists the most popular items to have appeared on the Big Bad Blog. You may note that there is a certain tattoo-centric theme to these. So we send you off with a Weekend Coffee with a similar theme.

As always, each photo links to the place where it was found.

And with that, we sign off and get our head out of the clouds.

This weekend your coffee is making money and sneezing bullets

Here is an interesting article with a compelling argument: Fred Phelps does not fervently believe what he preaches — it’s all a scam to make money.
A sad sign that we are in The Future — or just that I am getting old — youngsters no longer know what A- and B-drives are.
Jeff Koons, an artist who makes his living appropriating and re-imagining popular images, is now making legal claims that he owns intellectual property rights over all balloon animals.
This is a website, so I think I am legally mandated to point out that some Italian dude sneezed out a bullet after being shot in the head.
Don’t worry. He’s fine.
Hey look! I agree with Microsoft!
Letting Apple trademark “App Store” would be a bad idea.
This guy is teaching his kids how to use a sword.
I think it goes without saying that Maggie will begin fencing as soon as she’s old enough to want to learn.
There’s a new get-rich-quick in the stockmarket scheme.
Just have 50 Cent tweet about your stock.
Ghostbusters III is waiting on holdout Bill Murray.
I’m conflicted as to whether I’d prefer if Mr. Murray agree to make the movie (Fuck yeah! Ghostbusters!) or turn it down (do we really need more sequels to ’80s movies?).

This weekend coffee has plenty of animals

Are you like me, in that your browser is set to avoid tracking cookies and the like from following you around the Internet?
Then you — like me — will dismayed to learn that you can still be tracked despite your best effort.
Here at the Big Bad Blog, we have read several articles like this one, in which the author has given up soap and shampoo.
We might imagine trying such a thing, but are fairly certain that it does not mix well with fencing.
Here’s something amusing — ten commandments from the New Testament. They are amusing, because the crazed right-wing zealots who ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” never come up with these answers. They should.
Atheists are, apparently, considered unfit to serve in the US Military.
This wins the Big Bad Blog contest for best blog post of the week.
I’m always amused by news regarding the failure of TSA screenings. This is no exception.
Apparently a new measure of beer is about to invade British pubs: the schooner.
Reuters suggests that the schooner may end up bringing an end to the pint. While we here at the Big Bad Blog may find the word “schooner” too appetizing to not order one, we think this prediction may be a bit bold.
The New Yorker has termed investment bankers to be socially worthless.