The Marathon Dress-up Game

Originally, I planned to give myself a month.

Find a costume.
Buy a costume.
Make sure it ain’t a super-chafing type of costume.
Replace the super-chafing costume.
Buy a lot of vaseline.
That’ll do.

That’s a month, right?

Perhaps not.

Word on the street (OK, word at the pub) is that there are plenty of people who want their donation to contribute towards the costume choice but they are waiting for April pay.

While I’m not hip to all the terms that kids use these days, I’m pretty sure that April pay is not available on March 23rd. So to accommodate would-be-donors, I’m extending the deadline.

April 5th will be the last day for your donation to also be a costume vote. When the clock strikes midnight, all the votes are in. Hopefully that helps the 15th of the monthers (hey! that’s today! DONATE.), the 25thers, the last-day-of-the-monthers, the firsters, et cetera. No excuses.

The Leaders:

  1. Horse Head – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

(Names are used where a costume has not been suggested.)

Too Fast, Too Slow

Last weekend’s long run was a bit of a milestone run — Run A Half Marathon, says the training plan.

I took that to mean race, but wasn’t entered in one. So I did a training run, and tried to pace it like a race.

So, I got it right. 1 hour, 48 minutes. Below two hours, and almost on pace for a 3:30 marathon.

I also got it wrong.

The first five miles were blazingly fast. I felt great, and was certainly on pace to finish in 1h30.
The second five miles were disappointing. I fell into more of an average pace. It felt largely mental – I couldn’t convince myself that I was racing against the other runners on the path.
The last 3.1 miles were horrible. It completely fell apart, and I was merely willing myself to go the full distance.

At the end of the day, it was my fastest (long, sustained) training run to date, and fantastic for that reason. But if I try to run the marathon the same way, I won’t make it.

Thanks for reading. On your way out, please donate to Shelter.

Is thirteen a lucky number?


That’s the number of days left until I close the “Steve’s costume contest” part of my fundraising.

The leaderboard remains:

  1. Horse Head – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

(Names are used where a costume has not been suggested.)

I’m still not even halfway towards my fundraising goal – so please donate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the £102 to get to the top of the leaderboard — get your idea on the bottom of the leaderboard, and if your idea is awesome it will rise to the top.

How’s the training?

This has been a light week on the training front. Tomorrow I am supposed to race a half marathon, according to the training plan. Unfortunately, I’m not registered in any races, so I’m just going to try to run 13.1 miles at a race-like pace, which will be less than a race, because practice runs are always slower.

But that means that it’s been a ‘tapering’ style week. Which, interestingly enough, seems to be leaving my legs feeling constantly sore from not enough movement. I try to tell them that they are moving way more than they did in March last year, but they aren’t listening.

Tomorrow I’ll give them a hard 13.1 miles. That’ll show ’em.

The Sunday Leaderboard Update

Today in London – in West London – a marathon happened. So did a half marathon. I know this, because my Sunday run took me through part of each course. Mostly running in the opposite direction from the runners.

We are now up to 22.5 miles. Pops was right, the last six miles are the hardest (strangely, mile 21 was harder than mile 22), but I’m training to run all the miles, even the last one. And to do it in costume, though perhaps not in style.

Here’s the leaderboard. Names are used where donations have not been associated with costumes:

  1. Horse Head – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

The Pros and Cons of a Horse Head

A few thoughts about possibly running 26.2 miles in a rubber horse head.

  • I may asphyxiate and die
  • How do I drink water?
  • At least I don’t have to worry about the costume chafing my bits

Are these pros? Cons? That’s up to you – and probably says something about you.

If you have a better (or worse) idea, the process is simple:

  • Go to my fundraising page
  • Donate ANY amount, and get on the leaderboard. No amount is too small
  • Encourage more people to donate in support of your idea

On the other hand, you may want to try to make the horse head untouchable. Go, donate, and put your money towards that.

Eighteen (18) days until the costume is decided.

It’s more important than ever

With all of Trump’s tweeting, you’d be forgiven for missing the news – the government scrapped housing benefit for under-21s. As a direct result of this, many people can no longer afford their homes.

Please help me support shelter – give these people a place to call, and a voice to lobby the government on their behalf. Let’s not put vulnerable young people out of their homes and onto the street. Support my marathon, and help.

Marching Towards the Marathon

A new month.
A new update on how things are going.

They’re going hard.

February was a difficult month. I had stiff toe, which, while it doesn’t sound like much of a big deal, was a foot injury during a month where I was trying to double the distance I was capable of running. Luckily, it was manageable and I only missed one workout as a result.

So I’m here, lean and mean, in March. I can run 20 miles now. Through sheer force of will and an expectant crowd, I’m now confident I can handle an additional six miles, and cross the finish line.

The Fundraising

On one hand, I’m doing great. On the other, I’m still a long way off.

On my third hand, most donations come in the final month. But there’s only 20 days left for your donation to count towards a choice of costume, so you should donate sooner, rather than later.

This past week, the lead changed yet again.

Our new leaderboard:

  1. Mike F – £101
  2. Mark M – £55
  3. Adam A – £50
  4. Mark T – £50

Mike’s concept so far is a horse head mask, so if you have better ideas, get contributing.

As always, your reminder: If you add a comment including the costume, then the costume gets on the leaderboard with cumulative donations. (Note to Mike – I wasn’t sure if your email meant I should change your name to ‘Latex Horse Head’. Absent guidance, that’s what it will read next week.)

Support Shelter

As a reminder, all this fundraising isn’t just to dress me up silly – that’s just the sideshow. The real benefit is for Shelter.

There is a lot of unaffordable, unsafe, and unstable housing in London. Donating doesn’t support me, and it doesn’t make me run any faster. (OK, it might make me run a bit faster. Particularly if you save me from a latex horse head.) It helps people who cannot afford their home, who live in unsafe homes, and who are in unstable housing situations. It gives them advice and advocacy. It helps them find a home.

I’m not much of an expert, but you can check out what Alfie at Shelter has to say.

And then donate.

Love ya,