The weekend coffee, now with panda photographers and balloons

Run for your lives, bees. Run.

It seems that the Environmental Protection Agency is out to get you.

Looking for a fun place for your next holiday?

Why not try Chernobyl?

Just in case there aren’t enough reasons to become a mathematician, the world threw this my way this week.

You’ll never look at Taylor series the same way again.

It was a normal student holiday. Go to China. Help some earthquake victims. Discover a new species.

Kids do this sort of thing all the time, right?

Steps to getting a record deal: Become homeless. Grow beard. Make YouTube video of self playing Radiohead song.
This newspaper correction is awesome.
Why you get lost in buildings. Hint: blame the architects.
The entire genome of a fetus can now be unravelled through a blood test performed on the mother.

I have trouble deciding if this is bad or good.

Links, including frogs, eyes and BDSM Jesus

sea_lion Arguably the strangest article to be produced as a result of Michael Jackson’s death.
A man who raped a girl as a teenager goes back and asks for forgiveness. daryl_banks_crinoline_flowers
niagara_falls_frozen Need more time to finish an essay? Now you can buy a corrupted file to submit to your professor.
Cory Doctorow compares IT Security best practice to abstinence-only sex education. a_light_breakfast
tower_with_fingers The US Department of Defense considers protests to be terrorism
Numbers can lie, but they have a tell. Statisticians review the Iranian election results. crocodile-eyes
dramatic_frog A world of wrong: BDSM Jesus dress-up
On the invention of the index card blue_frog